Saturday, October 9, 2010

3DMagixSoftware® Complete Suite (Full)

3DMagixSoftware® Complete Suite (Full)

3DMagixSoftware® Complete Suite | Windows&Mac OS | 661MB
" Now YOU Can Create Professional 3D Animations, Games and Graphic Models Like Pixar and Dreamworks Studios Easily In 2 Hours or Less... ". This suite includes: Software (for Mac&Win), TUT, Video training, Bonus... Perfect treasure for designers!!! Dont miss it!!!

So impressive with headers:
* BEAUTIFUL Animations With Minimum Effort...
* “ Producing 3D Animations & Graphics Have Never Been THIS EASY... ”
* "Easily The Most Powerful 3D Creation Software On The Planet!"
* “ Get The SAME Software That Leading Animation Studios Are Using! ”
* “ If You Think Maya or 3D Max is Good, You Ain't See Nothing Yet! ”
* “ Learn EXACTLY How To Create Your First Animated Model With Software & Video Training ”
* Over 6 HOURS Of Video Training & 200 PAGES Of Illustrated Guides...

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3DMagixSoftware® Complete Suite (Full)


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