Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The Chilli-lover's Cookbook {KSM}

The Chilli-lover's Cookbook
The Chilli-lover's Cookbook
Publisher: Southwater | ISBN: 1844761843 | 2005 | PDF | 264 pages | 242MB

Chilies are used the world over to add flavour and interest to even the simplest of dishes. In this vibrant and exciting cookbook you will find both the subtly spiced and the red hot; both summer coolers and winter warmers - there's something for every occasion and any time of the year. As well as more than 140 sizzling recipes designed to titillate your palate, there is an extensive illustrated guide to the many types of chilies and chili products, and tips for storing and preparing fresh and dried chilies. There are also instructions for making your own curry powders, pastes, spice mixtures, sambals and masalas to give your food an authentically spicy taste. Learn how to make the most of chilies in six chapters that cover every aspect of cooking with this versatile ingredient, including an inspiring selection of scintillating salsas, dips and extras; tasty soups, appetizers and snacks; fiery fish and shellfish dishes; scorching poultry and meat recipes; vibrant vegetarian main courses and side dishes; and even piquant salads. In Red Hot Chili you will find all the popular chili classics, such as Fiery Citrus Salsa, Thai Chicken and Chili Soup, Quesadillas, Chilies Rellenos, Louisiana Shellfish Gumbo, and Gado-gado with Peanut and Chili Sauce. You can also discover a new world of exotic flavours with less familiar dishes such as Cajun Blackened Fish with Papaya Salsa, Chili and Pak Choi Omelette Parcels, Chicken with Chipotle Sauce or Thai-style Marinated Salmon. Red Hot Chili is essential reading for all lovers of hot and spicy food - the only chili sourcebook, reference manual and recipe collection you will ever need.

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