Saturday, October 23, 2010

Damages S03 DVDRip XviD {KSM}

Damages S03 DVDRip XviD-REWARD
Inspired by recent events in the world’s economic collapse, season 3 showcases DAMAGES signature legal-thriller storytelling as Patty Hewes takes on the Tobin family – a secretive clan determined to protect its interests at all costs. The Tobin family members have maintained their complete and total innocence. They claim not to have known anything about Louis Tobin’s fraud. But Patty Hewes believes otherwise and will stop at nothing to prove it. Patty and her trusted lieutenant Tom Shayes do battle against the Tobin family’s trusted attorney Leonard Winstone, son Joe Tobin, and Louis Tobin’s wife Marilyn. Ellen Parsons is quickly rising up the legal ranks at her new job. But life for Ellen gets much more complicated when her new boss begins investigating the Tobin case. Ellen realizes she may not have escaped Patty Hewes after all.

XviD | MP3 | 4.67GB


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