Sunday, October 10, 2010

Hasbro Family Game Night (2010) {KSM}

Hasbro Family Game Night (2010)

Hasbro Family Game Night (2010) | PC | English | 254.25 MB

Genre: Arcade

Hasbro Family Game Night consists of 6 separate games — BATTLESHIP, YAHTZEE, BOGGLE, CONNECT FOUR, SORRY and absolutely new and unknown earlier SORRY! Sliders. These games are popular in many countries of the world and will be to the taste to all your family and friends. It will be possible to play together or four together — depending on the chosen minigame.
In Hasbro Family Game Night you can set the necessary atmosphere, easily changing appearance of a game room and game elements and even establishing own rules approaching you. Will be in Hasbro Family Game Night and minigames which will help to pass away time: Match the Pattern, Shake for Words, Bomb Run and set of others.
During game you can receive various bonuses and awards which can be used subsequently for an ornament of a virtual game room.
For the big company there is mode Game Party. In the given mode it is possible to choose some games, quantity of players and to define time for which the winner will be defined. For mode Party Game it is possible to use a various set of tests and games, including Match the Pattern, Shake for Words, Bomb Run, etc. Game will give the chance to you to spend any free evening in the company of friends and relatives really cheerfully and interesting.

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