Monday, October 18, 2010

How "Windows Live" Is Obscuring Some Actually Good Products

Microsoft has some cool products hiding behind ridiculously confusing names. Users of the very nifty Live Mesh file and desktop syncing beta, for example, were told their service shuts down in March 2011. Where should they migrate? Windows Live Mesh, of course.
Microsoft is emailing Live Mesh beta users and explaining how they can transition their files to Windows Live Mesh. It involves not a small bit of re-configuring the folders you want to sync, the settings you'd like for each synced folders, and waiting while your folders all move over to the new Windows Live Mesh servers.
If that was the only hiccup in an upgrade, that would be minor, if annoying. Windows Live Mesh certainly looks intriguing, using 5 GB of your 25 GB of free SkyDrive space for file syncing, working on Windows and Mac systems, offering syncing of settings for Internet Explorer and Office apps, and continuing the fairly seamless and easy to set up remote desktop function we loved in the original.