Sunday, November 7, 2010

Lose Stomach Fat Fast - Which Type Of Diet Works Best To Slash Belly Fat Fast, Easy, And For Good?

If there was only one thing I wanted to do more than anything else, it was for me to lose stomach fat fast! I couldn't take it anymore! My stomach was VERY big, I had love handles, and so much more! Fortunately, after failing many times before with fad diet programs, I finally came across a more effective system that revealed the truth to me about getting in the best shape possible... permanently!
My friend, let's face it, belly fat (along with other trouble spots such as the thighs) is very stubborn to lose fat from! That being said, unnatural dieting such as fad diets or even taking diet pills is just not going to work effectively for burning away this stubborn fat.
What I have learned which will annihilate stubborn fat is that a program must have these 3 components as the foundation in order for you to be successful with getting amazing results:
1.) Fixing Your Slow Metabolism - Chances are if you are having a hard to trying to lose stomach fat fast, your metabolism is running slowly at the moment. Therefore, a diet that you go on should be based around naturally increasing your metabolic rate. The most effective way that worked VERY well for me is something called "calorie confusion". This method is based around changing your calorie intake around everyday which will keep your metabolism running very fast all day long.
2.) Eating Fat Burning Foods - What better way to easily burn away pounds of fat that ensuring the foods you are eating will actually not just fill you up and provide nutrients to your body, but will also literally raise your metabolic rate?! It's true, there are many foods such as those that are high in protein (chicken, turkey, egg whites, yogurt, nuts, dairy products, protein shakes, etc.) and antioxidants (green tea, berries, black coffee, dark-colored veggies, many fruits, dark chocolate, etc.) that will increase your metabolism just by eating them!
3.) Avoiding Empty Calories - One of the most surefire ways to sabotage your entire diet is to eat foods or drink things that can sabotage your metabolism. Foods and drinks that do this are empty calorie foods such as fried foods, candy (except dark chocolate), sodas (DEFINITELY!), alcoholic beverages (except red wine), and bad carbs (sugar, white rice, white bread, etc.). Empty calorie foods are not just bad for your health, they also cause very strong hunger pangs throughout the day as well!
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